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Ollie 19 Collectible Orangutan Child Doll

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Brand :  The Ashton-Drake Galleries

description:   What do toddlers and orangutans have in common? They like to monkey around! Now, you can make a play date with Ollie, an adorable orangutan doll created by master sculptor Simon Laurens. You'll delight in this doll's exceptional realism, from his wispy hair to folds and creases on his tiny hands and feet, just like a real orangutan. And his blue ball cap shows he's ready for some serious fun.This darling orangutan child doll is an Ashton-Drake Galleries exclusive. His head and limbs are realistically sculpted, then hand-cast in collector-quality vinyl, giving Ollie a soft, huggable and poseable body. His adorable bright summer outfit is fashioned by hand for added realism. Strong demand is expected for this first-of-a-kind male orangutan collectible child doll, so order now.

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