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Pac Man Classic Arcade Game Tribute Wall Hanging Clock

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description:   Bring home the nostalgia of one of the most legendary video games of all time with a unique timepiece celebrating 35 years of PAC-MAN! Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, the PAC-MAN Arcade Clock is an officially licensed and fully authorized tribute to the classic arcade game's 35th anniversary and a collectible timepiece you won't want to miss. Featuring all the authentic logos and artwork inspired by the original arcade game, this illuminated wall clock even lights up and plays the iconic PAC-MAN music and sound effects at the top of each hour! Measuring nearly 2 feet high, this one-of-a-kind timepiece features a custom-crafted clock case that recalls the original PAC-MAN arcade console. Bright LED lights illuminate the marquee and the coin slots, and the clock face features the iconic PAC-MAN maze. A fully sculpted PAC-MAN stands atop the clock, and the pendulum and weights feature PAC-MAN and ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. A must-have addition to any PAC-MAN fan's decor, this wall-hanging clock is expected to attract widespread demand. Only 1000 PAC-MAN Clocks will be available in 2015! Strong demand is expected on this limited edition. Order now to secure your exclusive PAC-MAN Clock!

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