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Twist N Treat Teaser Cat Toy

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description:   The Twist n Treat Teaser cat toy makes playtime more fun! The added feather topper will entice your cat even more. It moves with a funky bobble and pops treats out as your cat plays. Twist apart the two halves of the toy and fill the center with your cats favorite treat or dry food; then watch the fun! Tighten the halves to give your cat a challenge. Use it to treat your cat; or use it to feed meals for an easy weight loss solution. This deluxe version of the Twist n Treat is perfect for the cat who loves the standard Twist n Treat and is ready to have even more fun; for the finicky cat who needs incentives to play with a toy; and for the spoiled cat who gets the best of everything. In other wordsits great for every cat!

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