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Al Deluxe Playset Wooden Swing Set

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description:   Your kids will spend hours outdoors playing on the A;L Deluxe Playset Wooden Swing Set. Crafted from wood and available in your choice of color, this swing set includes everything that kids love. They'll love challenging themselves to climb the 7-foot rock wall before they go barreling down the 8-foot turn slide. Every kid loves to swing, and when they're done, they can use the steering wheel and telescope to go an adventure to anywhere. The tower makes for the perfect meeting place, whether they're pirates, spies, or detectives out to find the bad guys while the trapeze gives them a place to swing and play. Easy to assemble and set-up, your kids will use this play set for years to come. ; About A and L FurnitureFor fine-quality furniture, you can't find much better than Amish-made pieces. Using hydraulic- and pneumatic-powered woodworking tools and wood hand-selected for each furniture piece, Amish craftsmen pay great attention to each detail, resulting in beautiful and timeless furniture. Amish woodworkers select each piece of wood for its grain and other individual characteristics, and these characteristics are highlighted so that no two pieces of furniture are ever identical. Made in the heart of Pennsylvania by these dedicated workers, each piece of A and L's furniture is sure to become a treasured heirloom for your family. Please note, this product does not ship to Pennsylvania.

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