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description:   Lose yourself in the world of Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX! for Playstation3 computer entertainment system! Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX! provides players with crazy combos, 3D environments and 23 adorable combatants in this fully feminine fighting game. Voluminous Story Content! - Follow the 23 angels through a massive amount of hidden scenarios (over 300!) that depict the (mostly) pleasant daily lives of our delightful heroines. Excruciatingly Cute, Craftily Created Characters! - Our fighters (23 total!) come in a wide range of battling builds, each with unique techniques to dole out the punishment For further customization, feel free to deck out your favorite fighter in 1 of 19 color schemes! Characters can also be combined with 23 various arcana (celestial beings) who alter stats and abilities add to a character's abilities, giving players more freedom in how their favorites fight (a total of 529 different combinations

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