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Buzz Quiz Tv Pre Owned Playstation 3

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description:   Do you have the brains and the speed to dominate in a fast-paced trivia quiz? Do you have the answers to well-known and obscure trivia? Can you beat out your friends to answer the most questions correctly? Find out in Buzz Quiz TV, where the entire world becomes one gigantic quiz show network. More than 5,000 questions in five categories await to challenge you and your friends in this exciting quiz game. Demonstrate your mental prowess in trivia channels, including Music, Movies and TV, Sports, Brainiac and Lifestyle - select one channel to prove your depth of knowledge in a single field, or show you're a true quizmaster by selecting the Channel Hopper to receive a mix of questions from all five categories. For an added challenge, gather up to eight people in your living room for a head-to-head trivia showdown, or travel across the U.S. without leaving your couch to compete against other teams in Sofa vs. Sofa mode.

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