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Dark Souls Ii Scholar Of The First Sin Pre Owned Xbox One

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description:   On the well-worn path made smooth by the mainstream, the human species plods mindlessly, pursuing happiness. Except, that is, for a certain few - the divergent, the complex, the Dark Souls. Mesmerized by the macabre, transfixed by torment, these souls seek completion in hopelessness, despair and impending doom - where true fortitude is earned. There is a place where suffering, misery and challenge reign, where only the iron-willed and the cunning survive. You made the journey once before. Now, descend once again into the depths of devastation in Dark Souls II. Prepare to face death once again with Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, which delivers the ultimate Dark Souls II experience. Featuring a host of upgrades and enhancements, this edition plunges you into the action-packed storyline in exciting new ways. Enhanced graphics, sound and performance, as well as improved visuals, textures and lighting effects immerse you into the realm like never before. Are you prepared for the complete Dark Souls II experience?

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