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Electronic Specialties Esi310 Fuse Buddy Pro Test Kit

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description:   Features and Benefits:- Three Testers in ONE! - 30A Min Fuse, 30A ATC Fuse and 30A All Purpose Amp Meter- Troubleshoot amp draws right at the fuse panel - plugs directly into the fuse socket- Original fuse is replaced in-line during testing, thereby maintaining circuit protection- Unit features deluxe display head with Analog Bar Graph- Improved design over original Fuse Buddy- Improved Fuse Buddy Pro Kit handles both Mini and ATC fuse circuits up to 30 Amps- As an added bonus, the unitincludes 30 Amp test clipsfor all purpose current measuring- This is a great product for reading amp draws at the fuse panel- Measure amp draws on fuel pumps, blower motors and hard to reach a/c compressors, for example- SKU: WTD9771

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