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Gone With The Wind Fashion Doll Scarlett Belle Of The Barbecue

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Brand :  The Ashton-Drake Galleries

description:   Scarlett O'Hara? flirted, fussed, spoke her mind and stole our hearts like no other Southern Belle since the epic film, Gone With The Wind?! Now, you can celebrate this beautiful, strong-minded and charming heroine with a stunning talking fashion doll. This talking doll created in tribute to one of the most beloved characters is a first-ever exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries and plays Scarlett's first words to Rhett Butler? in the Twelve Oaks drawing room along with music from Tara's Theme! Exquisitely handcrafted of artist's resin and meticulously hand-painted to recreate every realistic detail, this striking doll is poseable arms and she wears a floral-print ruffled dress with an emerald sash and comes with a coral necklace and earrings. A lace shawl and fashionable picture hat like the one Scarlett wore to the barbeque in Gone with the Wind add authentic details. Strong demand is expected for this one-of-a-kind doll, and you won't want to miss out. Order now!

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