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Kre O Cityville Cemetery Heist Set A5857

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description:   Receive a free code to download a Smartphone app with your purchase of this fun building block toy set. Kre-O CityVille Cemetery Heist Set (A5857) :Build more of your own cityBuild a cemetery with the 55 piecesSkeletaker figure holds his scytheRob Jewels figure holds his lootUse your 2 motion bricks to make your Kreons moveSonic Motion brick makes spooky soundsRequires 3 AAA batteries (not included) Includes parts for Rob Jewels and Skeletaker figuresKre-O Toys Set includes 55 pieces and instructionsInspired by the online game Cityville created by ZyngaThis building block set is intended for children ages 6 to 12Encourages imaginative playHelps children to become more creative Colorful blocks help create a haunting cementaryFree app for Smartphone devices available with purchase

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