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Meccano Erector Multimodels 5 In 1 Construction Set

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description:   Meccano-Erector Multimodels 5-in-1 Construction Set: Challenge the boundaries of your imaginationHave fun discovering the world of real engineeringDevelop logic and hand motor skills as you build and rebuild each vehicle or make your own designYour first mission is to construct a model Front LoaderWith its full-metal exterior including a moveable bucket it can tackle even the most challenging construction siteOnce you're done, display and play with your finished Front Loader, then take it apart and rebuild as another modelWith the same Meccano-Erector Multimodels 5-in-1 Construction set pieces you can build a Quarry Loader, Dump Truck, Forklift or Cherry PickerOr create any project you imagine5-in-1 working Construction vehicle set includes step-by-step instructions, 95 pieces and wheels, plus a real wrench and hex tool setPieces are made of durable metal so you can rebuild again and againExplore the mechanical wonders of the world as you bring your models to life with the Meccano-Erector Multimodels 5-in-1 Construction SetBuild all the Multimodels vehicles to complete your collection; Rescue and Flight Sets are each sold separately

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