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Ncaa Football 10 Pre Owned Playstation 3

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description:   The stadium is alive with the roar of the crowd and the leashed energy of the opposing teams. The crisp snap of fall in the air makes your adrenaline rise as you take the field and prepare to face down your school's biggest rival. Hours of grueling practice have brought you to this moment, and as the game begins, your focus narrows, blocking all outside distractions until the only thing that's real is the action on the gridiron. Your sights are set on victory, and as you spring into action you know this could be the game that changes everything. NCAA Football 10 brings the excitement of college football to life with astonishing authenticity. Experience the frenzied atmosphere of college stadiums alive with school colors, cheerleaders and mascots, and enhanced by precise game-day details like new field goal nets, flags waving in the wind and camera flashes exploding during pivotal moments. Go inside the game with the broadcast team of Kirk Herbstreit, Brad Nessler, Lee Corso and, new this year, Erin Andrews. Featuring Utah quarterback Brian Johnson on the cover, NCAA Football 10 immerses you in the true college football experience from the first glance.

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