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Tv Superstars Pre Owned Playstation 3

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description:   Reality TV is about to get more real than ever. We all love to see hapless TV stars messing up the lyrics, stumbling on the runway and ruining recipes in the addictive shows that turn average Joes into household names. Now, it's your turn to step into the small screen and give the TV scene a dose of true reality - yours. Using the face-capture technology of the PlayStation Eye and the motion-controlled physicality of the PlayStation Move, you'll rocket from your EZ chair to the A-list in less time than a commercial break. The wacky, wild and "why, oh why?" moments of reality TV are yours to explore and control when you light up the screen with your own personality in this player-centered game. As you live the drama, the tension and the competition of five reality shows, the PlayStation Eye notices your tears, fears, smiles and frowns - and plays them out on the screen to affect the action, and the PlayStation Move picks up on your aptitude for competition-style challenges. Strut your stuff on the runway (and keep those shoulders back) in a modeling competition. Belt the blues while you blend a brulee in a combination singing and cooking show. Sell your heart out - in a 30-second segment - as you make your own commercial. Saw, chop and hammer away in a home makeover. Just don't let the fame get to your head - after all, the TV tells no lies.

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